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Friday Feb 25, 2022

Story Submitted by Little Wolf, narrated by BearX   "A full silver moon glowed above me, enhancing my already near-perfect night sight as the soft, white light from the moon blazed over the pristine snowy field, making the gentle white landscape glow and sparkle as the moonlight refracted off the tiny crystals...."

Sunday Dec 05, 2021

By Roanoqu Narrated by Tiger Acolyte   You can also listen to the stories on youtube :

Monday Oct 18, 2021

Snow crunched under my paws as I traversed the tundra. The swelling of the moon and swirling of the stars defined my days. The long night was here and with it, the long hunger. Snow stuck to everything, my coat, my muzzle, even down in my ears, where it melted and tickled. I shook, erupting in white powder, but only a few moments passed before the wind kicked up and covered me again. The snow was persistent, but then again, so was I....

Wednesday Mar 03, 2021

It was already late afternoon when I found myself calmly walking through a muddy forest path, not far away from where I had started my daily evening walk. The floor was mostly covered with yellow and grey autumn leaves as well as many puddles or patches of wet mud from the rain of the last couple of days.

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